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Christmas always brings excitement and hope, and to our new mums and dads and birth partners the joy of sharing this Christmas with their new baby is the most wonderful magical and precious time ... It brings with it hope always that the birth of a little boy around 2000 years ago will bring peace love and salvation to whoever we are. As a hypnobirthing teacher and hypnotherapist helping babies come into the world in a calm way is the most precious privilege I have ever had to be invited into a very personal journey and the joy it brings with the birth of every baby is what makes life miraculous. Thank you to all our mums who sent me the pictures so I could share in the joy of seeing our beautiful babies. I hope these pictures of some of our 2020 babies will make you smile and give you joy in the beauty of life. Elizabeth

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Pregnant mums for generations have always been told how painful and frightening giving birth is.  We have set out to change that concept by showing you how to work with your bodies, how to breathe properly and how and why hypnobirthing works to make your labour more comfortable, shorter and calmer - New Classes Start every 2 weeks!

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